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Sizzle Reel (Implementation: FMOD/UE4)

This is footage of a tech demo I created showcasing my expertise in FMOD Studio and Unreal Engine 4.

Sizzle Reel (Sound Design)

This is a sound redesign for Tales of Legendia (Namco, 2005).

Demo Reels

Music Composition (1:40)

  • [0:00-0:17] Baby Hands

  • [0:17-0:52] Negative World

  • [0:52-1:08] Mighty Mountain

  • [1:08-1:40] Clockwork Heart

Sound Design (0:42)

  • [0:00-0:27] Baby Hands

  • [0:27-0:42] Mighty Mountain

Implementation (1:09)

  • Mighty Mountain (Wwise/Unity)

[Timestamps are in brackets.]  Game names are in italics.  Shipped titles are in bold.

Jeff is a skilled musician and sound designer. His drive to seek out new projects and challenges is commendable. He works well in both team-oriented and self-directed environments.
— Peter Kachtik, UI/UX Designer at Armature Studios & Owner of Roaming Ground Studios